Something as simple as losing your key or breaking a lock can quickly spiral out of control. If you want to prevent it from turning into a massive crisis, it is important that you act quickly and rationally. No need to panic if you get locked out of your car or your house. All you need to do is call Las Vegas Locksmith Service and allow us to take control of the situation. We are one of the leading locksmith service provider in Las Vegas, NV with a reliable emergency service support system that allows us to act promptly in the face of such daunting situations. Trust us to give you the service you need to get back on your way. We have a 24x7 availability and a team of mobile locksmiths who are trained to help clients in distress.

We operate round the clock in Las Vegas, NV, offering a full range of locksmith services without charging you a premium for late-night services. In case of a lock and key emergency, just call us at 702-683-2643 and we’ll send someone over to help you.

People trust us for: 

  • Prompt response
  • Customer satisfaction assurance
  • Most trained and reliable locksmiths in the industry
  • Use of sophisticated equipment
  • Affordable solutions


24/7 team

We always have a team of locksmiths on standby so that we can dispatch them as soon as the need arises. So when you are in the middle of a locksmith emergency, don't call anyone else but Las Vegas Locksmith Service. We will dispatch prompt help you even if you are stuck outside your house in the middle of the night, that too for no extra cost.

Mobile locksmith vehicles

The biggest nightmare for any vehicle owner is to get locked out of their cars in the middle of nowhere! As daunting as it can be, you can breathe easy because help is only a phone call away. We have a fleet of mobile vans that are equipped with sophisticated tools to provide you on-the-spot solutions. We don’t have to make round trips back to our store, as everything we need is loaded in the vans.


Lockout assistance:

We provide complete solution for lockout situations. Next time you find yourself stranded outside your premises, don't hesitate to pick up that phone and give us a call. We will immediately send a team over to your location.

Onsite key making services:

Can’t find a spare key? Don't worry because our locksmiths can make you a fresh pair using state-of-the-art technology then and there. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to provide on the spot service. It doesn’t matter if you need to replace your key fobs or reprogram your transponder keys, we can do it all!

Emergency lock replacement

If your tenants just left recently and you are worried that they may still have access to your premises, then listen to that gut feeling and act quickly. Get all your locks rekeyed or replaced. Call our experts today and discuss your requirements with us.

Repairs and maintenance

If your locks need a replacement, repair, or maintenance, then you need to call us right now. The longer you wait, the more exposed you are to the risk of being vandalized. We can provide you quick and affordable solutions that will safeguard you against these risks.

Priority to safety

Don't take a chance with your locks if they are already old and have seen better days. The modern day thieves don't stop at anything when they sniff out an opportunity. Las Vegas Locksmith Service experts have the expertise and the knowledge to recommend the right locking systems. We can install high end locks and also strengthen the security of your premises.

When it comes to locksmith emergencies, trust no one but the best. So if you want a reliable firm in Las Vegas, NV, that can fulfil your emergency locksmith requirements affordably, then Las Vegas Locksmith Service is your best bet. Call us now at 702-683-2643!