Homeowners, here’s what you absolutely must know about your locks


As responsible homeowners, we are all well aware of the type of locks we use and also have a basic understanding of how they work. But unfortunately, most of us are clueless about how to react when a lock does not latch as desired or the only key goes missing or our security is temporarily compromised. Our lack of knowledge can lead to disastrous consequences, triggering an uninvited security nightmare. Take lock change for instance. Though it is quite easy to get a lock change in Las Vegas, NV, not many locksmiths will tell you that you can also opt for a cheaper alternative and get the locks rekeyed instead. Similarly, while opting for lock change service in Las Vegas, NV, you will seldom find qualified locksmiths who know what type of upgradation suits your property best. Your lack of knowledge about locks and how to deal with a situation that arises from a lock-related problem can also leave you in a vulnerable position. Some locksmith firms or unqualified technicians are always on the lookout for gullible homeowners who will say anything due to their lack of awareness. As a result, you will end up not just compromising your security but with a significantly lighter wallet.

But fret not, with a few helpful tips and basic awareness, you can prevent these undesired events and be well prepared for eventualities. Now, the obvious question is how to acquire a basic understanding of locks, know what locks suit your property best and what to do in case they don't function the way they ought to. The easy recourse is to call Las Vegas Locksmith Service, one of the most reputed residential locksmith firms in Las Vegas, NV. Over the years, we have educated countless homeowners about their security mechanisms and helped them upgrade to the best locking systems that fit their budget. From offering standard-to-complex locksmith services to providing deep insight into locking mechanisms, Las Vegas Locksmith Service provides comprehensive solutions at highly affordable prices. If you are interested, you can call us anytime at 702-683-2643.

But before you get in touch with us, it is important to have a basic idea about what to do if you run into the following problems:

Rekey vs replacement: Know the difference

One of the most important differences you need to understand as a homeowner is when to replace a lock and when to rekey it.

Lock replacement, as the name suggests, means changing the entire lock on the door. Now, that could be a mortise lock or a simple deadbolt. The locksmith will replace the entire mechanism from scratch. Depending on the type of lock you choose and the locksmith agency you call, a lock change in Las Vegas, NV can cost you anywhere between $300 to $500. Sometimes even more if you opt for more sophisticated variants.

On the other hand, locks rekeying is quite simple. It involves the process of rekeying the lock so that the existing key can no longer operate the lock. Thus, you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacing the lock entirely. This will only cost you between $20-$30.

Always rekey while moving in

Now, when people move into a new apartment or house, they usually prefer replacing the locks. It is natural to do that since a variety of people – previous owners, inspectors, and real estate agents – have access to the keys before you move in. But it is relatively cheaper just to get the locks rekeyed. This will save you both time & money. Plus, it will give you the relief that anybody with a duplicate key will no longer be able to use it.

Note: In case you have only one set of keys, and you unfortunately end up losing or misplacing them, then it is wise to get your locks changed as soon as possible. Why? Because the rekeying process requires the original key.

Never persist with damaged locks

Locks, like any other mechanical device in the house, have a limited shelf life. Sooner or later, even the sturdiest of them lose their efficacy and are no longer fit enough to protect the house. If you feel the locks you are using aren't latching the way they used to, getting jammed too often or requiring a lot of effort during operation, immediately get them inspected by a capable residential locksmith. Locksmith firms like Las Vegas Locksmith Service have a deep understanding of all types of locks and will thoroughly inspect your damaged locks to ascertain whether they can be fixed or should be replaced.

Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade

In case the locks aren’t potent enough, then don’t think twice and upgrade them instantly. Most of us sit on old or damaged locks for months – even years – before replacing them. From a security standpoint, you are indirectly lending a helping hand to intruders or robbers who are always on the lookout for weaknesses in our systems. Las Vegas Locksmith Service can help you pick out the finest locks available in the market based on your security needs and budget.