It’s midnight and I’ve a broken lock. What do I do?


An emergency related to locks and keys is undoubtedly an unsettling affair. Just imagine getting locked out of the house in the middle of the night with no help in sight or coming back home after a long day’s work only to find that your locks are no longer working. Broken locks and missing keys are common perils we keep running into from time to time. But the timing and location of an emergency involving them are critical. And equally critical is how you deal with such a situation. When panic takes over, most of us tend to lose our patience and take matter into our own hands. As a certified locksmith firm, we can tell you that such actions always lead to disastrous consequences. Fortunately, if you are searching for a reliable emergency locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, you don’t need to look to far. Las Vegas Locksmith Service is a widely acclaimed emergency locksmith firm that can resolve a range of commercial and residential locksmith problems. From broken lock repair to replicating keys, from fixing ignition switch to restore access during lock out,we have the solution to a range of lock and key related problems, no matter the hour or the location. Of course, you will ask - why Las Vegas Locksmith when the city is teeming with so-called emergency locksmith firms? Here are 5 good reasons why are the best emergency locksmith in Las Vegas, NV.

Emergency response time

How long are you willing to wait before a locksmith can come repair your broken or malfunctioning lock or fix you up with a new pair of keys? If you are thinking in terms of days or even hours, we have news for you! When it comes to issues related to locks or keys, every second counts because you are dealing with a potential security breach. Las Vegas Locksmith offers blazingly quick emergency locksmith services in the city to mitigate your issues within minutes of your distress call. Be it a 12am lock out or an issue with your magnetic locks – just give us a call on our helpline anytime 702-329-6223

Round-the-clock availability

Have you ever had trouble finding a decent residential locksmith in Las Vegas, NVafter a certain hour? Most residential, and even commercial, locksmiths shut shop after 9 or 10 pm and are not available until morning next day. But what if you need a locksmith for an urgent overnight issue? Will you, or rather, should you wait till the next day? The answer is NO! When Las Vegas Locksmith is available 24x7, you no longer have to wait the whole night to get your solution. Simply call us during the night, state your issue and voila, we will be there in a jiffy. And don’t worry about the cost either as our rates remain the same throughout the day, no matter the hour. 

Array of services

Locks and keys have wide application. From hotels to buildings to houses to automobiles, they are used everywhere. Las Vegas Locksmith has a talented pool of technicians who can resolve all manners of lock or key related problems, be it commercial, residential or automotive. Our highly skillful locksmiths are adept at handling all kinds of challenges, from a simple broken lock to advance buzzer systems or magnetic locks. What’s more, not only are we a one-stop-shop for all things locks and keys but our technicians also offer expert security guidance to help ramp up the security at your home or office. Whether you need us to make transponder keys, implement a master key system, fix your broken ignition switch or just fix those broken locks – just give us a call without a moment’s delay and say goodbye to your problems.

100% transparency

A lot of people avoid calling services that use the word “emergency” over fears that they will have to pay extra charges for dialing a late-night technician. Unfortunately, most firms take advantage of this and charge customers through the nose. Las Vegas Locksmith is different. Not only do we promise a 100% response rate, but our technicians do not inflate your bills with hidden costs or emergency fee. Whether you call us during daytime, late in the night or even during peak holiday season – our pocket-friendly rates do not vary one bit.

Professionalism par excellence

We have never believed in half measures or cutting corners or desperately finding ways to save money. Our focus has always been on providing high quality services to our client base. To that end, we keep everything in our company watertight. For starters, we hire the best talent from America’s leading finishing schools and make them undergo rigorous training sessions, attend various workshops and acquire field experience so that every single technician donning our brand name is capable of handling all your lock and key related issues, no matter how trivial or complicated. Moreover, we maintain a vast network of mobile locksmith vans which are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology so that our experts are able to offer our wide range of services to clients anytime, anywhere.